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We are grateful for any kind of support that helps us to realize our journey along the Pan-american Highway . That is why we are particularly pleased to be able to publish a list of our sponsors soon. If you or your company are interested to fund our journey too, then write us an email which we can respond promptly . Connected with the support are attractive services that are customized by appointment at your profile, such as the use of your company logo on our vehicle or in following presentations. Of course, they will be highlighted on our website and in all other publications in relation to the project as our sponsor or linked on request. We assure to pursue only legally and socially acceptable goals, as well as context, to pay for their country specificities special attention and to take these fully into account .

If you want to contribute to us, irrespective of any sponsoring, a donation on our accounts, you can do so easily through the below donate button, via Paypal or by bank transfer to our account also below . If you want to be mentioned also as a supporter, please mention your name if you wish.

Many thanks in advance!

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Or by bank transfer:


Account Number: 1031543620
Bank code: 12030000

PS:. For each donation of € 5, we would like to send you a postcard as a thank you during our trip. If you also want a card, just mention it including your complete address.

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