About us

“The shortest way to yourself leads once around the world.”

– Richard Hoffmann (*1938)

We are two students from North- and South-Germany and share a dream: we want to travel for one year along the panamericana from Ushuaia to Alaska with a self equipped car; get to know the cultures; explore breathtaking landscapes; optimize our linguistic proficiency.

For us this project means a lot more than just a journey. It is more a vision which matures since the birth of the idea in our heads. By planing it for some time this dream has become more and more real and now is a well organized project.

Alessandro Immanuel Beil

SONY DSCI was born in 1995 in Gifhorn and grew up in Peine near Hanover. Currently I am a student of 12th class at the council school in Peine and in 2014 I’ll take my A-levels in a socio- scientific profile. In addition to a school’s France exchange my family took in 2011 an exchange student from Argentina, which motivated me for my exchange to Argentina in the 10th. During this year i met Max. During the year abroad among others I’ve traveled with Max on self-planned trips through Argentina as well as some neighboring countries and supported for example an environmental project for the protection of endangered species. In Cordoba, I have visited a language school and completed it with a Spanish certificate (C2). Since the 9th Class I am involved in a school tutoring program for lower grades. In addition to my personal interests such as sports and contact with friends I ‘m looking particularly for languages ​​and cultures of other countries.

Max-Leonhard Böttrich

SONY DSCI was born in January 1995 in Iserlohn, Germany, and visit now the 12th class of the Robert-Gerwig School in Hausach. I am doing my graduation in june 2014. Early I became active in the children and youth council of my birthplace, and supported the planning of meeting places for children. My school career is marked by student exchanges to England, the Netherlands and Ireland. In my year abroad in Córdoba, Argentina, I got to know the South American culture of Argentina and the surrounding countries. During this year I completed a Spanish course in Buenos Aires and traveled, together with Alessandro, by Backpacker through South American countries. After my return to Germany with the new experiences gained, it moved me and my family in the Black Forest. However, the current long distance to my friends encouraged me rather to maintain contact than to neglect it.

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