“The most dangerous world view is the one of the people who didn’t see the world

– Alexander von Humboldt

This ist our ideology. We are three friends from Germany going to cross the american double continent for one year from august 2014 – always following the spring.

The special attention of this project is focussed on the different aspects not only of the countries we will travel trough but also on their relationship to Europe. Particularly South- and Middle-America are seen with skepticism and caution. Because of this we hope to mediate the same openness and enthusiasm towards foreign cultures and countries by sharing our experiences. We think that for to get to know a country and its language it is very important to get in contact with the people of the respective culture. Therefore the focus of our journey is set in the interaction with the people we meet during the year.

We became interested very early in other countries and cultures. That is why we all participated in an exchange program and went to Argentina in 2011 for one year. In this year we could already collect some impressions on trips through Argentina and the surrounding countries and the idea of traveling along the panamericana together became bigger and bigger.

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Enjoy reading, we hope you come back to check it out again!

springhunters – team!

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